Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall is here

So, October happened. Fall is here. The tips of the trees are turning red and gold, while the geese are honking overhead. We had a cold spell two weeks ago. And then it got hot!

I'm ready for fall. Summer was a crazy season. We did have some fun swimming and playing in the sprinklers. Man, our kids love water.

We closed on our house on the same day we had to rush back home to the movers who had our semi of things ready to move. So we packed and unpacked in the space of four days, including driving 10 hours, meeting with school officials for transferring the girls, and cleaning our old house in Virginia from top to bottom.

So yes, I am ready for a relaxing fall. Time to move inside and nest inside with a warm blanket and cup of coffee!

Just a parting shot of a beautiful space!

Happy Friday! It's Brandon's birthday and we celebrated last night at one of his favorite restaurants.
Happy Birthday, Brandon!

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