Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March going-ons

This isn't from March, but Sophie at her fall dance recital. I just saw this photo. 

Brandon, Ava and I travled to Canfield for Ava's state gymnastics meet. She loved the hotel and her own bed. 

These girls were in heaven! 

My gym buddy and friend from high school, Jill! 

The girls getting ready for the floor rotation. Nerves! 

Ava got 6th place for her 9.3 vault! She had tough competitors! The other age group that got 9.3 got second! 

What a sweetie! 

We didn't know it, but Ava had a virus and just felt terrible midway through her floor routine and was sick for three days. 

We thought Ava was just tired so we hit up a yelp restaurant for tacos. They were so good. 

Brandon trying his cow tongue tacos. 

Great job, Ava! 

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